Fullstack Journey - Building a budget tracker (Part 4)

Yesterday I didn't work on anything because:

  • My back was killing me
  • I wanted to play some video games

But that doesn't matter because I did some productive things today!

I worked on the entry form so the required inputs don't look invalid as soon as the page loads, which is so utterly stupid. Why add a "required" attribute to forms and make it so that you don't need JavaScript for form validation because it's all implemented and official now, and then you make something whose behaviour should be so blatantly obvious so fucking broken, which in turn makes you resort to JS solutions. I genuinely don't see a reason that this behaviour exists, and even if there's a reason don't make it the default behaviour for fuck's sake.

Rant off, moving on.

You can now add new expenses, delete old ones, and it sorts from newest to oldest. You can now also see the remaining budget.

Everything above was written on 10th Sep., everything below is 11th Sep.

I'm probably going to change the way your monthly budget works, and make you manually reset it, because I truly have no idea how to make it auto reset. I'm also going to implement routing and try to make an "edit expense data" feature. I also need to implement registration. Probably won't all happen today but I'll see what I can do.

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