Fullstack Journey - Building a budget tracker (Part 3)

Okay I'm done being dramatic.

I'll start from the beginning with Svelte and if I encounter the same issue, I'll have make a "proper" backend, likely with FastAPI or Flask. I wrote this part before starting work but I'll add my progress at the end of the day.

... After 3 hours

Okay so I used Svelte with SvelteFire (thanks Jeff Delaney) and I have to say that developer experience is better IMO, and even though I figured out how to fix my bug (Date.now() and later Date(val).toLocaleString(), again thanks Jeff), I'll be sticking with Svelte. I'm not using any libraries with React, so I'm not gaining anything from using it (other than larger bundle sizes), and Svelte makes some mundane things easier to work with.

I implemented log-in, and a basic list of expenses but all that took was about 30-45 minutes of work (plus some time I took because I tried to get it working with Typescript and failed), and I'm kinda tired now, so I'll continue tomorrow.

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